Cinema XXI is the largest cinema network in Indonesia. The company has been operating in the entertainment industry since the late eighties. With over twenty seven years under its belt, Cinema XXI is dedicated to providing Indonesians with the best cinematic experience possible. As of this writing, the company has a total of seven hundred and fifty eight movie theaters spread across thirty three cities in almost one hundred and fifty locations all throughout the country.

Cinema XXI has made it its mission to help the local movie industry; to this end, it ensures that locally made products will be given a "fair slice of the pie". Local titles will be provided with equal exposure (or a fair percentage of all cinema screenings) in order to help boost their presence -- which would help bolster the local movie industry in the process.

Cinema XXI is always keeping current with advancements in technology in order to complement its facilities (2D, 3D, IMAX theaters) and ultimately to improve their service. In 2012, the company has brought IMAX to Indonesia so Indonesians get to enjoy the kind of movie viewing experience that only IMAX theaters can provide. Today, Cinema XXI has three IMAX theaters, which can be enjoyed in Gandaria City, Mal Kelapa Gading Mal Serpong Summarecon. They also currently have seventeen theaters with the Dobly Atmos system.

Disclaimer: This is not the official site of Cinema XXI/IMAX/Dolby Atmos. This is only a fan page.